How to Easily Measure For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are planning for your dream outdoor kitchen, outdoor bar, or any outdoor living space, the best-laid plans start with proper measurements.  Measuring like a pro doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some great tips for accurate measuring and space planning.

What you’ll need

  1. Tape measure 16’ x 25’
  2. Straight edge
  3. Graphic (grid) paper
  4. Camera or phone
  5. Ladder or step stool
  6. Assistant – if available

Start with a Sketch

Sketch the shape of your outdoor space, start in a corner and measure working to the right (clockwise).  Record the overall length of each wall or area where you’d like your new outdoor kitchen, outdoor bar, or outdoor living space. If a ceiling is involved, measure the ceiling height in several different locations and record the lowest measurement.

Electric, Plumbing, Natural Gas

Identify and note any existing utility lines, outlets, and switches.  Also note the desired location for any new utility lines you would like to add. If your plan includes new overhead lighting or fans indicate these on your sketch.  In addition to electric, plumbing, and natural gas, you may also want to consider wiring for cable or satellite television and wired computer applications.

Windows and Doors

If windows and/or doors are a part of your project, make a note of these measurements as well on your sketch. When measuring doors and windows, the casing is considered part of the door or window.  Measure from one side to the other of the door or window trim, then measure from the outside of the trim to the middle of the window or door.

Take pictures

You’ve heard the saying many times before, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In today’s world of cell phone cameras, it’s never been easier.  Take Many pictures of the outdoor living space you’d like to enhance. Photos will help your designer notice things you may not considered helping your project proceed more efficiently.

You’re ready to submit your project for pricing

Great job!  Now you are ready to submit your project for pricing. If you live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, you’ll find that All Pro Stainless Products combines expert designers, and dedication to your project along with the DIY approach of big box stores.  The beautiful showroom is located in the Premier Outdoor Living building.

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