The Top Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

As more homeowners embrace the benefits of expanding their living space, outdoor kitchens have enjoyed a surge in popularity. Once considered a luxury, many people now consider this a “must-have feature.” This renewed interest has also created some fun and exciting outdoor kitchen design trends. Here’s a closer look at six new trends we believe are here to stay.

1. Earth Tones & Elements

When choosing the color scheme for your outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that earth tones and elements are hot right now! Warmer hues, stone facing, and natural woodgrain finishes are making a huge comeback this year.

If neutral and muted tones aren’t your style, you’re in luck. Bolder shades like terracotta, emerald green, navy blue, and ocean blue are also popular options. As long as the colors you choose create a natural, outdoorsy vibe, you’re on-trend.

2. LED Lighting

Lighting is a necessity that will allow you to enjoy your new outdoor kitchen well into the night. Modern homeowners have ditched the traditional fluorescents and halogens and embraced LED lighting instead.

Not only will this save you money in electric bills, but the modern look also fits perfectly with many of the latest outdoor kitchen design trends. LED lights are available in every style from tubing and strips to elegant chandeliers. They have efficient dimmers that make them perfect for setting any type of mood. You can also take advantage of the wide variety of colors to create additional visual interest.  

3. Open Kitchen Design

In the past, outdoor kitchens were compact spaces that mainly consisted of a grill and a small amount of counter space. Today, outdoor kitchen design trends feature a larger and more open space. An L-shaped outdoor kitchen with a large island is a popular option. Combining outdoor kitchens with seated dining areas is another popular trend that isn’t going away any time soon. 

4. Innovative Appliances

Today’s homeowners are using their outdoor kitchens more often and are doing more than just grilling. This has fueled the desire to equip them with high-end appliances. It’s now common to find outdoor kitchens featuring ice makers, smokers, pizza ovens, and more. 

5. Covered Spaces

In the past, many outdoor kitchen designs used umbrellas or trellises to create shade. Today’s homeowners prefer covered areas that will protect their outdoor kitchen from rain, sun, and even hungry birds. A gazebo or lodge is an inexpensive addition that will provide you with the perfect amount of coverage while still allowing for plenty of airflow.

Adding a cover to your outdoor kitchen design will extend the lifespan of your appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Keeping direct sun away from your refrigeration units also increases energy efficiency.

6. Full Entertainment Areas

Outdoor kitchen design is no longer just about the barbecue. Today, outdoor kitchens are often a part of a larger outdoor entertainment area. This means your space may include upscale accessories like fire pits, kegerators, wine refrigerators, plush seating, or maybe even a tiki bar.

Some homeowners are taking things a step further by extending their entertainment area into the backyard. This allows them to connect the kitchen/dining area with the pool, creating one cohesive space. 

Explore More Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends

If you’re interested in exploring more outdoor kitchen design trends, the experts at All Pro Stainless Products are here to help! Our design professionals will work with you to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Once you’re happy with your design, we’ll build the structure for you and ship everything you need. Then, you can quickly and easily install your own kitchen, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars in contractor fees. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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